Urban Xtreme


Meet the Team!

Simon Farmer
‘’Monkey Boy’’

Rob Clark

“Big Rob” 

Scott Hinchliffe

“The Gnome” 

The Axe Whisperer

Simon’s aura carries whispers of ancient ninja secrets. His axe-throwing prowess is both mystical and unpredictable. When he unveils his trick shots, the room holds its breath, will it be a bullseye or a spectacular miss? Either way, Simon’s style is unmatched.

Special Throwing Tool: Short Axes

The Boulder Tamer

Rob doesn’t just solve computer problems, he conquers them like a digital Hulk. When he’s not debugging, he moonlights as an axe-throwing instructor. Picture this: Rob, in his office chair, demonstrating proper axe technic. 

Special Throwing Tool: Long Knives 

The Gnome of Chaos

Scott’s mind is a blueprint factory. He builds things, big things. But beware: His creative process leaves a trail of destruction, like a post-battlefield landscape. And when Scott wields an axe, it’s like watching a mythical dwarf channel Gimli’s spirit. 

Special Throwing Tool: Double Bit Battle Axe

Emily Swaep

“Crazy Cat Lady” 

Cat Whisperer Extraordinaire

Em’s craziness is on par with her cat count. Beneath the chaos lies a heart of gold. She mentors kids, ensuring they forge better futures. Who knew that axe-throwing skills could be so nurturing? 

Special Throwing Tool: Angle Axes 



The Ageless Axeman

Paul’s forearms defy physics, they’re like a giant sequoias with biceps. His axe-wielding strength rivals that of an ox. And yes, he’s 60 and he’ll remind you daily. Maybe that’s why he’s always awake. 

Special Throwing Tool: Axes 

Andrew Taylor


The Zen Fixer

Taylor’s chill level is off the charts, if he were any more laid back, he’d be horizontal. But don’t mistake his tranquillity for laziness. When something needs fixing, Taylor’s on it. Unlike Scott, he leaves no mess behind, his work area is tidier than a Marie Kondo closet. 

Special Throwing Tool: Axes and Knives 


“Smug Tom” 

The Bullseye Technician

Tom’s smug smile could power a small city. He’s a throwing prodigy, turning everyday objects into bullseyes. Pencils, screwdrivers, even a rogue nail, nothing escapes his aim. And when he hits the mark, he spins, smirks, and leaves us wondering: Is he even real?

Special Throwing Tool: Anything Tom Can Throw