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Why Retro Gaming?


Nostalgic Vibes: Relive childhood memories with classic games like Super Mario, Sonic, or Donkey Kong.

Conversation Flow: Discuss favorite games, consoles, and gaming experiences.

Themed Fun: Dress up in ’80s or ’90s attire for an extra nostalgic touch.

Why Rage Room?


Release Built-Up Stress: Rage rooms provide a safe space to vent frustration by smashing objects.

Unconventional Fun: It’s not your typical dinner-and-a-movie date—it’s an adventure!

Shared Catharsis: Breaking stuff together can be surprisingly bonding.

Why Axe Throwing?


Unique Experience: Axe throwing is an unconventional and memorable activity that stands out from typical date nights.

Adrenaline Rush: Feel the excitement as you aim for the bullseye together. It’s like darts, but with a lumberjack twist!

Conversation Starter: Axe throwing provides plenty of opportunities to laugh, cheer, and share stories.

Urban Xtreme Deals Bookings

Rage Room Booking

Deal avaliable here – Rage Room, Axe Throwing and Retro Gaming  for only £49.50 PP!

Axe Throwing Booking