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Therapeutic Rage Rooms in the UK

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Therapy comes at a high cost, but in multipy locations in the UK, there is a must cheaper option. Introcuding the Rage Room, Smash your way through to happiness.

Norwich Rage Room

Rage Rooms allows you to take your ‘weapon of choice’ and destroy a variety of household objects, from old china to flat screen TVs or computers.

Smash It

Huddersfield’s very own “SMASH IT” room, come on in, grab a sledgehammer/ baseball bat and go wild. Great for stress release. Safety talk and quipment provided. You bring the energy and a picture of you ex if you wish.

Smash Space UK, Newcastle on Tyne

Briefing and Safety Introductory Video on arrival. All Protective Equipment supplied. 15 minutes SMASH TIME in the rage room. The items available to smash vary from session to session due to the nature of the business however common items are: glass bottles, PC keyboards, office phones, plates and mugs.

Destroy’d Rage Room, Corby

Have you ever had one of those days where you’ve just wanted to smash everything in sight? Of course you have. Well now you can do just that at DESTROY’D. The concept is simple, you a friend inside a room, you get protective clothing, a weapon and you smash away at a whole range of items including monitors, printers and glassware.

Rage Cage, Braintree

A rage room is a specifically designed room where the customers can release some stress or just have some fun smashing a wide range of items in various ways for a designated amount of time.

But best of all the first Rage Room in Essex – is a Rage Room near you – Urban XtremeClick Link to Book Now – Rage Room is a must-visit for anyone looking to break free from the daily grind and experience the ultimate stress release. With a wide range of objects to smash and the opportunity to bring your own “weapon of choice,” this unique venue offers an exhilarating and cathartic experience like no other. Our Rage Room Shop is where you get to pick what you want to Rage out too, we have an array of items always unique to your visit and we continue to develop to ensure our customers have a great time everytime they visit.

Find out what the reporter from the Colchester Gazette has to say about his visit – Here

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