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Our Rage Rooms

Welcome to Urban Xtreme!

Introducing Urban Xtreme: Rage Room – A place where you break things for fun!

Be the first to experience the ultimate catharsis at Urban Xtreme’s exclusive Rage Room. With an extensive selection of breakable items and an arsenal of tools to demolish them, we guarantee an unparalleled outlet for your pent-up frustration. Prepare to leave our premises feeling utterly rejuvenated and completely “raged out”!

Why Choose Us?

You are welcome to come and join us as anytime. If you have any special days coming up (birthdays, team building days) or have any requirements, please contact us and we will ensure to accommodate you.

Introducing Essex’s Best Rage Room Experience!

Unleash your pent-up frustrations at our one-of-a-kind Rage Room, the first one in Essex. Armed with hundreds of breakable items and an extensive range of tools including hammers, baseball bats, or even the sheer power of throwing objects with your own hands, you now have the opportunity to fulfill your wildest smashing desires. From TVs to printers, cups to plates, the possibilities are endless!

Rest assured, we prioritize your safety and well-being. We provide a secure environment equipped with full personal protective equipment (PPE), allowing you to de-stress without the worry of damaging your own precious belongings.

Now is the time to liberate your inner frustrations and embrace the ultimate stress-relief experience at our Rage Room!

Age range

Anyone under the age of 18, must be first signed in by an adult into our venue and then accompanied by an adult at all times. The adult does not need to participate but must be in the Rage Room wearing a minimum of a face mask for their own protection.

Age Recommendations

To ensure the safety of all participants at our venue, we have implemented the following age recommendations:

  • Participants aged between 8-13 will be limited to throwing items against the wall in the Rage Room.
  • Participants aged between 13-17 will have restrictions on the tools they can use within the Rage Room.

These age restrictions are in place to prioritise the safety of everyone involved during their experience at our venue.

Our Coffee Shop is also a great place to watch the entertainment, have a coffee and snack and relax. 


Our Rage Room

Our Rage Room here is aimed towards small groups up to 4 people or people that want to RAGE on there own or in pairs. 

It’s a room where you can smash things up safely and have a great laugh and release some tension. If you would like to see some of the fun check out.

Currently being refurbed. We will be back open soon. 

It’s a room where you can smash things up safely and have a great laugh and release some tension. If you would like to see some of the fun check out.

Our Second Location