Urban Xtreme


Half Term Activities: Axe Throwing, Rage Rooms & Retro Gaming

Urban Xperience

2 Hours of Non-Stop Fun Activities for You and Your Kids! Welcome to Urban Xperience, where excitement knows no bounds! Join us for two hours of thrilling activities that will leave you and your kids buzzing with joy. Activities Mini Rage Room: Release Stress: Unleash your inner Hulk as you smash items in a controlled environment. Safe Outlet: Let go of tension and frustration—it’s therapeutic! Axe Throwing: Adrenaline Rush: Take aim and feel the rush as you hit the bullseye! Compete with Friends: Challenge your pals to see who’s the ultimate axe throwing champion. Retro Gaming: Nostalgic Vibes: Step back in time and relive classic games on vintage consoles. Mario, Pac-Man, and More. Ready to Play? Grab the controller and immerse yourself in pixelated adventures! Book Your Urban Xperience Now! Don’t wait—our Urban Xperience slots fill up fast! Book your unforgettable adventure today and create lasting memories with your loved ones.