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Urban Xtreme Colchester

How to find Urban Xtreme Colchester

We are a little tricky to find, but only because we have amazing venue and the car park is close.

Simply follow the instructions, you will go down a turn into Bell Vue Road and think, “‘this isn’t the way!”, it is…. drive too the end (‘that says dead end to make it even harder), at end, go left, you’ll see a track, it will make sense. From there, you can see the venue on the far side of the river, you have two options, we advise walking over the bridge, there’s a walk way on the left, stairs on the other side. 5 mins walk max.

Where are we located?

Google Maps – CO1 1UU

Google maps Car park entrance

Venue entrance

What.3.words – CO1 1UU

Car park entrance
Car park
Venue entrance

We are located under a bridge so the car park is located across the road, then walk over the bridge for access.

The car park is located down a track at the end of Bell Vue Road.

Any issues please call us on 01206 577974

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