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Empowering Colchester’s Youth: Urban Xtreme and Community Partners

Empowering Colchester’s Youth: Urban Xtreme and Community Partners

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Empowering Colchester’s Youth: Urban Xtreme and Community Partners


Colchester, a vibrant town in Essex, thrives on community spirit and collaboration. At the heart of this synergy lies Urban Xtreme, a dynamic venue that offers adrenaline-pumping activities like axe throwing, rage rooms, and retro gaming. But Urban Xtreme isn’t just about fun—it’s about making a positive impact on the community. Let’s explore how Urban Xtreme collaborates with local community groups to empower Colchester’s youth.

Urban Support: Building Bridges

Urban Support is a passionate group committed to fostering togetherness and support among Colchester’s residents. Guided by the motto “The Community works better together,” Urban Support has launched a Community Hub—a nurturing space for people from all walks of life. Here’s what the hub offers:

Diverse Range of Classes and Programs

  • Engaging Mums and Babys sessions
  • Vibrant After School Clubs
  • In-school activities and fitness clubs
  • Fitness class for youths
  • Life Skills classes for youths
  • Trained Mentors to help youths and SEND youths.
  • Food Bank Support over Christmas period. Helping local families.

Collaboration with Local Businesses

  • Urban Support partners with local businesses to create unique initiatives.
  • Together, they captivate and inspire the community.


Urban Support’s mission is clear: uplift and support as many individuals as possible in the local community.

Underdog Crew Studios: Nurturing Creativity

Underdog Crew Studios provides a safe haven for marginalized young adults. Here’s what they offer:

Empowering Space

  • A nurturing environment for inspiration, motivation, and belonging.
  • Creative education, support, and guidance.

Awards and Accomplishments

  • Produced the teenage drama TV series “The Slip.”
  • Supported by the Anglian Community Trust.

Contact details


Underdog Crew Studios empowers young adults, helping them find inclusivity, positivity, and emotional well-being.

Ultimate Ninja UK: Fitness and Fun

Ultimate Ninja UK is an indoor obstacle course that challenges both kids and adults. Here’s what they offer:

Challenging Ninja Obstacles

  • Designed for ages 7 and up.
  • A twin-lane competition, training, and recreation facility.
  • Fun moving activities for kids.

Contact Details

  • 01206 870700
  • info@ultimateninjauk.com
  • Website 


Ultimate Ninja UK lets budding Ninjas test their skills, promoting fitness and fun.

Save a Life Ditch the Knife: Combatting Knife Crime

Save a Life Ditch the Knife Clacton is a vital organization working tirelessly to educate people and youths about the dangers of knife crime. Here’s how they contribute:

Christmas Food Appeal

  • Collecting small food hampers to provide vulnerable residents with hot meals during the festive season.
  • Addressing the difficult choice between staying warm or having enough to eat.

Community Impact

  • Supporting local communities in Clacton-On-Sea.
  • Raising awareness about knife crime prevention.


Remember, by collaborating with Save a Life Ditch the Knife, Urban Xtreme contributes to a safer community and brighter future for all.

Thank You for the Assist: Acknowledging Our Supporters

At Urban Xtreme and Urban Support, we believe in the power of community collaboration. Our mission to empower Colchester’s youth wouldn’t be possible without the ongoing support and funding from the following organizations:

  1. Essex County Council: A driving force behind community initiatives, Essex County Council invests in programs that benefit residents across the county. Their commitment to youth development aligns perfectly with our vision.
  2. Colchester City Council: As local leaders, Colchester City Council plays a crucial role in shaping the town’s future. Their support enables us to create exciting experiences for young people while fostering community engagement.
  3. Active Essex: Active Essex promotes physical activity and well-being. Their partnership ensures that our programs are not only fun but also contribute to a healthier community.
  4. Active Essex Foundation: The foundation’s dedication to grassroots sports and recreation directly impacts the lives of young individuals. Together, we inspire active lifestyles and build resilience.
  5. Essex Community Foundation: Supporting local charities and community groups, Essex Community Foundation champions causes that matter. Their generosity fuels our efforts to provide safe spaces and positive experiences.
  6. Essex Association of Local Councils: A network of local councils, EALC strengthens community bonds. Their guidance helps us navigate challenges and maximize our impact.

To all our supporters, thank you for believing in Urban Xtreme’s and Urban Support’s mission. Together, we create opportunities, inspire growth, and make Colchester an even better place for everyone.


Urban Xtreme, Urban Support, Underdog Crew Studios, Ultimate Ninja UK and Save a Life Ditch the Knife—all working together to create a brighter future for Colchester’s youth.

Remember, the community works better together! 💛

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