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Can kids do Rage Room?

Can kids do Rage Room?

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Safety First for Young Ragers

The ultimate place to release your Beast in a safe and controlled environment! We take safety seriously, especially when it comes to our younger rage enthusiasts. We recommend ages 8 and above, with specific safety guidelines for different age groups. Rage room for kids – For those aged 8-12, we’ve got extra safety measures in place and remove a few of the heavier tools, and for the 13-17 crew, a bit less, but still under the watchful eye of our attending adults who are over 18.

Unleash Your Inner Rage

Before the rage-fest begins, we provide a full safety briefing and equip all our attendees with the necessary safety gear (PPE). We want to make sure that when you’re unleashing your inner rage, your skin, face, and eyes are covered like a pro. And just to clarify, while our safety gear is top-notch, it won’t give you superpowers – though we wish it did!

Let Off Steam in a Safe Environment

Rage Rooms are the perfect place to let off some steam, whether you’re dealing with pent-up tension, emotional anger, or just need to rage out a little life issue. We do advise our young ones to save the smashing for our rooms, because let’s face it, a safe environment is always the best place to unleash your inner rage.

More Than Just Smashing

But wait, there’s more! Our Rage Rooms are not just about smashing stuff. It’s also a great opportunity for kids to learn about channeling their emotions in a healthy way. It’s a chance to laugh, let go, and release any built-up stress in a fun and safe setting. Plus, it’s a unique bonding experience for families, friends, and even school groups!

Join Us for a Smashing Good Time!

So, if you’re ready to let loose, join us at our Rage Rooms for a smashing good time! Remember, safety first, superpowers later. Let’s rage responsibly! Prices Here

Urban Xperience

We have fantastic deals on for kids throughout half term holidays, to keep you and your kids out of trouble. It is a great way to wear them out for a event out. Doing all our activities, Mini Rage Room, 30 minutes Axe Throwing and 30 minutes Retro gaming. To book click HERE

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