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Target Sports

Axe and Knife Throwing

Introducing Urban Xtreme: The Best Axe Throwing Venue in Essex!

Prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure at Urban Xtreme, where we proudly hold the title of Essex’s top-notch Axe Throwing Venue. Our extraordinary collection of throwables from our impressive Armoury guarantees an experience like no other. We promise to leave you astounded and craving for more!

About our Throwing Lanes

We use real log rounds for that great throw and unique sticking experience.
We have a range of throwables to pick from and practice with. We have an array of Axes and Knives and some fun throwables also. Your visit with us will include a safety induction and training. Once you are hitting the target, we always encourage a bit of competition between your friends. If you came by yourself, you are always welcome to challenge the Urban Xtreme team but rest assured that we are competitive.

For Safety, you must be in closed toed shoes when throwing. We do not allow people to throw if you are wearing opened toed shoes. We do have spare crocs for people if you turn up in unsuitable foot wear.

Safe for all Ages!

Introducing our Safe Plastic Targets, suitable for all ages! These specially designed axes and targets prioritize safety above all else. Whether you’re young or young at heart, you can enjoy the thrill of throwing without any concerns about injury.

For our younger throwers, we provide these safe plastic axes and targets as a stepping stone towards mastering the art of throwing safely and accurately. With these beginner-friendly tools, they can practice their skills with confidence before advancing to our Angel Axes and real targets.

Further information

We allow throwers as young as 8, we do have Viking Engils for our younger throwers. These are light weight and easy to stick with all edges being sharp, these are however dulled to help prevent any unwanted cuts. All persons less than 15 years of age must be accompanied by an adult or marshal for the duration of their stay.

Refunds are only given within 24 hours before your scheduled appointment or alternatively you can reschedule your appointment to another agreed date and time, we do not offer refunds until this time, as we have had to reserve your space. Should you need to please email - info@urbanxtreme.co.uk