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10 Compelling Reasons Visit Urban Xtreme

10 Compelling Reasons Visit Urban Xtreme

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10 Compelling Reasons Visit Urban Xtreme

Looking for an adrenaline-packed adventure? Look no further than Urban Xtreme! Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a gaming enthusiast, or simply in need of a unique experience, Urban Xtreme has something for everyone. Let’s dive into 10 compelling reasons why you should consider experiencing all the excitement that Urban Xtreme has to offer.

1. Axe and Knife Throwing

At Urban Xtreme, you can unleash your inner warrior by participating in the thrilling activity of hurling axes and knives at targets. With the guidance of our skilled Marshals, you can rest assured that hitting the bullseye every time is within your reach. 🪓

2. Rage Rooms: Release the Stress!

Feeling overwhelmed? Step into our Rage Room and let go of your frustrations by breaking items in a safe and controlled environment. It’s not only therapeutic but also exhilarating, providing a unique way to blow off steam and relieve stress. 💥

3. Retro Gaming Nostalgia

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the golden era of gaming at our retro arcade. From classics like Pac-Man to Super Mario Bros., these timeless games will transport you back to an era filled with nostalgia and fun. 🎮

4. Airsoft Shooting Adventures

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, our airsoft shooting adventures are sure to get your heart racing. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a complete newbie, our expert Marshals ensure an action-packed experience that is both thrilling and safe.  Plus we have interactive screens!🎯

5. Date Night Delight

Looking to create an unforgettable date night? Urban Xtreme has you covered with an array of activities perfect for couples. From axe throwing to retro gaming, it’s a fun and memorable outing that will leave a lasting impression. ❤️

6. Family Fun Zone

Urban Xtreme isn’t just for individuals or couples, it’s a place where the whole family can bond and have a blast. While parents can try their hand at axe throwing, the kids can enjoy the retro games, creating a unique and enjoyable experience for all. Axe Throwing and Rage Room we recommend 8 and above with some more safety restrictions in place for the little ones. 🌟

7. Explore Colchester

Situated in the heart of Colchester, Urban Xtreme is the perfect addition to your Essex adventure. After exploring the town, head to our venue for an exciting and memorable experience. 🗺️

8. Chill in the Coffee Shop

After all the action, take a moment to relax in our cozy coffee area. Savor hot or cold beverages as you watch others take their turns, creating a laid-back atmosphere after the excitement. ☕

9. Safety First

Your safety is our top priority. Our fully supervised activities ensure a secure environment, with dedicated supervisors like Simon, who will guide you through the fun and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. 🛡️

10. Community Impact

By visiting Urban Xtreme, you’re not only treating yourself to an amazing time but also supporting local businesses and contributing to positive change. Have a blast while making a difference in the community! Urban Xtreme also works closely with Urban Support, bringing help to those who need it most in the community. 

The Community Works Better Toghether! 💛

Ready for an adventure? Book your Urban Xtreme experience today

Remember, Urban Xtreme is located at Temple Bridge, Colne Bank, Colchester CO1 1UU. With a handy video of how to get to us on our Find Us Page.

Don’t miss out on the excitement!

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